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Over 35 years in the towing industry. Our repair shop has been in my family since 1932. Former treasurer, current secretary, of Statewide Towing Association of Massachusetts. Married over 24 years. My father is 83 years old, and he still comes to the shop 5 days a week. My wife is a school teacher of special-needs children, which explains how she puts up with me! I am the proud loving father of two children. My 21 year-old son is out of high school, and works for me. My 23 year-old daughter graduated from college, and works in some sort of a computer software company. And I am an honorary proud loving father to one 28 year-old son, who also works for me. I am a lucky man.

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I am a huge NASCAR fan. I enjoy surfing the internet at night when all is quiet. I am a moderator here at tow411, and also at a NASCAR driver's message board. I serve the Miller Industries Race Recovery Team at Daytona twice a year. I also enjoy camping in my 5th-wheel camping trailer, when I have time, I render child psychology (to the help!), I enjoy interfering with the personal lives of my kids, I work too much, and play too little. But I intend to change all of that. Rather than buy a rocking chair, I just bought myself a four-wheeler. Hopefully, I don't kill myself with it!

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